1: Susan Mason, CEO, SchoolGate Campaign: RSE England update

2: Richard Lucas, CEO, Scottish Family Party: RSE Scotland update

3: Adele Purchase and Kim Isherwood, Public Child Protection Wales: RSE Wales and PCP Wales intro

4: Steve Beegoo, Head of Education, Christian Concern: RSE update

5: The Revd Lynda Rose, CEO, VoiceforJusticeUK: RSE and Safeguarding

6. Dr Mike Davidson, CEO, Core Issues Trust, Matthew Grech, Director, X Out Loud: The UK and Malta: updates

7: Ann Gillies, Canadian psychotherapist and national freedom leader: Canada update

8: Dr Laura Haynes, US psychologist, IFTCC leader: USA updater

9: Jennie Cummings -Knight, contributor to The Palgrave Handbook of Male Psychology and Mental Health [2020]: Crisis in masculinity

10: Robert Harris, Strategy Director, VoiceforJusticeUK: RSE Unmasked

11: Louise Kirk and Dr Liz Jones: RSE Curriculum: Alive to the World and Lovewise

12: Alan Craig: Christian politician: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the churches’ response to the rise of totalitarianism in 1930s Germany: parallels, insights and lessons for Christians in 2020s UK

13: The Revd. Dr Bernard Randall

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