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Inform and Train

The Marriage, Sex and Culture Group is an affiliation of people who engage in both the political and cultural arena to share their point of view and provide research and information about marriage, sexuality and freedom of belief.

Some members of the group write and edit publications and keep abreast of developments in relevant social policy and public opinion.

We provide training with accurate and up-to-date information on issues around the radical reconstruction of core societal values: sexual health, abortion, marriage and family, and the suppression of individual freedoms.The group holds events where we can meet once a month or so.

Support and Encourage

The group is a community of like-minded people often on the cutting-edge of the issues we deal with.

It provides a confidential, supportive environment in which members can gather to learn, exchange ideas and make contact with others working in their field of action and interest.

Members also find a place where they can be open and honest about issues they encounter, whether private, professional or campaign-related, and can receive personalised support and encouragement.

Similarly, we can offer support to those who have experienced difficulty standing up for traditional values, or who are concerned about friends and family members facing challenges like child sexualisation through state sex education programmes or struggling with same-sex attraction.

Those of us who are Christians also engage in intercessory prayer for the issues and activities we are involved in.