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About Us

The Marriage, Sex and Culture Group (MSC Group) is a community of like-minded individuals who are often on the cutting-edge of the issues we deal with. We are committed to supporting and upholding traditional family values. Engaging in both the political and cultural arena, we provide information about marriage, sexuality and freedom of belief, as well as upholding and supporting the silenced majority who are increasingly vilified for exercising their freedom of speech on such issues.

The MSC Group continues to chart a unique, albeit less-travelled, road to human contentment and freedom through our engagement in the “culture wars”. We oppose the destructive promotion of pan-sexuality, gender distortion and the silencing of all rational debate about the same.

Together with our associates, we can offer high-quality speakers and DVDs on topics such as cultural marxism; the Bible and sex; helping those with unwanted same-sex attraction; sex-proofing your youngsters; and challenges relating to the Anglican Communion.

We also provide encouragement and confidential support to those who are concerned about friends and family members facing challenges such as child sexualisation, or those struggling with same-sex attraction. Although we ‘do God’, we warmly welcome all who are appalled by what is happening and want to pushback in practical ways, with support and with renewed confidence.

Together, we are stronger.