Action Ideas – What You Can Do

1/ Keep informed and up to date via these websites, and support and refer people to them when the opportunity arises:

Anglican Mainstream

Christian Concern

Core Issues Trust

MSC Group

Voices of the Silenced


2/ Attend a Bible-based church which holds fast to the truth of scripture. If you attend a church that doesn’t do this, mention your concern to the leadership. If this doesn’t bear fruit, consider whether you should continue supporting them.

3/ Speak to other church members in order to find like-minded people who will join you and be a source of encouragment.

4/ Seek out those who could benefit from your position, knowledge and guidance.

5/ Offer to hold or to host prayer and awareness meetings, either on zoom, in the church or in your home.

6/ Support those who are speaking out, whether MPs, individuals or organisations, often at considerable cost to themselves. You can do this via email, letter, in person, financially, or a combination of these.

7/ Prepare children in how to deal with indocrination. Teach them about what the Bible says on such matters. Look up sex-proofing kids seminars.

Some suggestions for prayer

1/ For truth to out.

2/ For the exposure and risks of adopting gay lifestyle to out.

3/ For media to be impartial, giving factually-correct reports, so that people can make informed decisions and hold informed thoughts and opinions.

4/ For good, righteous, godly leaders in government and in our institutions and organisations.

5/ Pray about current situations, particularly concerning government policy and victimised individuals.

6/ Pray for an awakening among the general population, especially within the church.

7/ Pray that ‘evangelical’ gay missionaries such as Vicky Beeching and Jayne Ozanne would be challenged, repent, and do a 180-degree turnaround.