The Marriage, Sex and Culture Group and its associates can offer high-quality speakers and DVDs on topics like: Cultural Marxism*; the Bible and Sex; Helping those with unwanted same sex attraction; Sex-proofing your youngsters; and Present challenges relating to the Anglican Communion.

*Cultural Marxism tries to achieve by cultural means what traditional Marxism failed to achieve by economic means. It magnifies the role of the state at the expense of the individual, family, religious institutions and so on.


1. The Overhauling of Straight America, Marshal Kirk and Erastes Pill:

4. The Global Sexual Revolution:

5. Talking Sense:

6. The International Federation for Counselling and Therapy Choice:

7. Core Issues Trust:

8. Seven Things I Wish My Pastor Knew About My Homosexuality:

9. Transgender Trend:

10. America College of Pediatricians:

13. Sexuality Can Change: Dr Will Jones, Andrew Franklin, Dr Bobby Lopez

15. Redeeming the Land – Bob Hodgson – sermon