There are four resources which explain more about these issues

The first is the info-graphic, ‘Can sexual feelings change?’ (no date; Re integrative Therapy Association, US, one page), which does some of the science on the brain, neuroplasticity and shifts of attractions among young people

The second is Dr Will Jones’ ‘Sexuality can change. Here’s the proof’ (2019; ‘Faith and Politics’, UK, six pages), which presents important research on change by those with professional experience. More on this vital area of research will be forthcoming.

The third is ‘Healthy Sexuality for Today’s Generation’ (no date; First Stone Ministries, US, six pages), by once gay Andrew Franklin, offering practical pastoral help for and advice to youngsters especially.   

The fourth is written by another once gay author, Dr Bobby Lopez, ‘The LGBT Juggernaut’ (2019; ‘The Stream’, US, eight pages). Of particular concern is the fact (not widely known):  ‘The FBI estimates that about 1 in 6 males gets sexually abused before the age of 18, overwhelmingly by other males’.  We hear this from other sources as well, but as it is not PC, mainstream media censor it.  

Do please be in touch if that would be of help

Lisa Nolland