What You Can Do

1/ Educate ourselves or know where to go to expose the rot and promote the good!

2/ Pray: solo; in clusters or groups; via skype; daily, weekly, monthly, or a once off.

3/ Speak up: Via phoning; petition -signing; emails and letters. NB: Use your own words.

4/ Sign up: Receive updates from, say Christian Concern and/or Anglican Mainstream. Ask your church to include this content and address these issues. Outside experts can help.

5/ If your church refuses to engage, hold them to account. If they cannot hear your concerns, perhaps they can hear the loss of support!

6/ Show up: To meetings, conferences and public witness. Invite others along. I run a group or ‘gang’ which meets in London monthly, the Marriage Sex and Culture Group of AM (above).

7/ Become an advocate/bridge builder. Watch for ‘like minds’ whom you can engage. Disseminate helpful stuff via social media. Do you know potential funders who could help?

8/ Adopt someone who’s been treated unfairly by the system.

9/ Get creative! Use your giftings and friendship circles to raise awareness and finance and have some fun! Throw a party; host a dinner, athletic or cultural event (a ceilidh, anyone?); run a coffee morning; do a sponsored Green Clean in your town.

10/ Boycott, say, Starbucks http://www.dumpstarbucks.com/ (and let them know!)

11/ Offer hospitality.

12/ Support social conservatives in public posts. They are inundated by angry activists, so let them know you support them and their costly, politically incorrect stands.

13/ Start a book/film club. Robert Lopez’ Jephthah’s Children: The Innocent Casualties of Same Sex Parenting (Wilberforce).is powerful, as are the documentaries below.

14/ Promote a better way! This ‘liberation’ is toxic: we must love enough to say so!



1/ Media:

• Pray for truth to out; for mainstream media to stop misrepresenting etc; for the public to wake up to how they are being deceived and duped!

2/ Leadership: church, state and culture

• Pray for 2018 Bonhoeffers and Churchills: for platforms, provision and impact.

3/ Children and education:

• Find out what your children and grandchildren are being taught. CC, Christian Institute, C4M, Safe at School (SPUC) have good resources here.
• Show ‘Robbing Children of their Innocence’; https://www.mercatornet.com/conjugality/view/18012
• Parent Power: http://parentpower.family/ specializes here.
• I conduct ‘Sex Proofing Kids Seminars’ for parents.

4/ Grow the ex gay movement (vital!):

• Show ‘Voices of the Silenced’ to your church or friends.
• Pray for Mike Davidson, his increasing numbers of clients and against the criminalization of therapy (Ireland).
• Attend a conference in October in Eastern Europe on LGBT issues.
• Pray for ‘evangelical’ gay missionaries like Vicky Beeching and Jayne Ozanne.

5/ Protect freedom of speech, association etc:

• Promote Jordan Peterson’s excellent work and pray for him!
• Consider joining UKIP, the most politically incorrect, pro family party in the UK ATM. And/or, pray for such as Jacob Rees Moggs, a good Tory.
• Pray for Donald Trump (who of course has issues but is not a cultural Marxist!) Believe every third thing mainstream media says about him. Those who hate us hate him.